www.Mynikevisit-na.com – Win $10 Gift Card – Nike Store Survey

www.Mynikevisit-na.com – The American shoes and apparel brand Nike offers a customer satisfaction survey on its website www.mynikevisit-na.com

www.Mynikevisit-na.com - Win $10 Gift Card - Nike Store Survey

www.Mynikevisit-na.com – Win a $10 Gift Card – Nike Store Survey

The survey also comes with additional rewards and coupons for the survey takers. Here is a complete guide to the process of taking the survey.

And the details of the reward.Keep on reading to know more if you are interested in the Nike Survey.

How To Take The Nike Survey

To take the survey the first thing that is required is a receipt of any purchase made at a Nike store that is at most 7 days old and no more. After that, you need to visit the Nike survey.

website, I.e, www.mynikevisit-na.com in order to open the survey page. After opening the survey page, you will have to choose the language.

in which you would like to take the survey, the choices being English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

After having made the said choice, the page will ask you to enter the date of visiting the store. You will also be asked to enter the 15-20 digit code provided.

On the receipt that you have in your possession for the purpose of the survey. After you enter that code, you will be led to the main portion of the survey.

which ask you questions about your experience during your visit to Nike and how satisfied you are with their products and service.

Answer those questions as costly as possible for the benefit of Nike. After you complete the survey, you will be asked for a few additional personal details and personal contact details.

After you have finished entering those the page will generate a code, which is the coupon code reward.

Write that down and use it at your Nike store visits within a span of 60 days of taking the survey. These are the steps that you need to take in order to take the Nike Survey.

www.Mynikevisit-na.com - Win $10 Gift Card - Nike Store Survey

Rewards on This Survey

The rewards on the Nike survey are coupon codes and $10 discount codes that can be redeemed on your purchase at Nike.

These rewards cannot be transferred and redeemed as money or exchanged for another reward, so please keep that in mind.

Terms & Conditions of The Nike Survey

First and foremost the survey taker in this case should be at least 18 years or above in order to qualify to take the Nike Survey.

You must also be a legal resident of the United States of America in order to be able to take this survey and also in order to reap it’s benefits.

Moreover, the receipt used needs to be no more than 7 days old in order for it to be valid for use in the purpose of taking the Nike Survey.

The end survey coupon code also needs to be used within the time period of 60 days for it to be redeemed.

The code will expire after that 60-day mark. The survey taker must also keep in mind that the prizes are not transferable and need to be redeemed as designated by Nike.

The survey takers must also know that they cannot be employees, other investors, officers, advertisers, etc of Nike or their relatives to be able to take the survey.

These are the terms and conditions to take the Nike customer satisfaction survey.


Requirements For the Nike Survey

To take the Nike Survey, the survey respondents must first make sure that they are in compliance with the age and location requirements stated above.

The survey respondents must also have access to a receipt of purchase from any Nike store or the Nike website with the survey code on it.

They must also have access to an electronic medium such as a phone,pc, or laptop in order to take the survey.

that electronic device must also be connected to an active internet connection. The survey respondent must also have knowledge of either.

The English, Spanish, French or Chinese language to be able to take the Nike Survey. These are the basic requirements to take the Nike survey.

www.Mynikevisit-na.com - Win $10 Gift Card - Nike Store Survey

About Nike Store Survey

Nike is an American sports shoes, apparel, and other sports gear brand known mostly for its sports shoe the world over.

It is the world’s largest seller of sports shoes. Nike was founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Eugene located in Oregon.

Today the brand has 1152 and counting stores all over the World.

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For such a world-renowned brand and trendsetting shoe store as Nike,a tool such as a customer satisfaction survey is of paramount importance for smoother running.

of the business so that it is always in touch with the customer’s wants.

The survey also comes with some additional reward coupons and discounts for all survey takers, making it an attractive incentive to take the survey.


Nike Store Survey FAQs

  • How many times can I take the survey?

Answer – You can take the survey only once per receipt.

  • Is there a sweepstake prize?

Answer – No, everyone will receive a coupon code at random.

  • Is making a purchase necessary?

Answer – Yes, making a purchase is necessary to take the survey.

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