Tellmellow – Win a Surprise Gift – Mellow Mushroom Survey

Tellmellow – The survey is conducted by the survey members of the mellow where they collect and review the customer satisfaction whether they are satisfied or not?

Tellmellow - Win a Surprise Gift - Mellow Survey

Tellmellow – Win a Surprise Gift – Mellow Mushroom Survey

The company essentially believes in customers because a firm is dependent on the customers as they play a crucial role in making and modifying the firm.

The survey is named Tell mellow customer satisfaction survey where you participate to earn rewards on behalf of the company and ensure to have a more satisfactory visit on your next trip.

About Mellow Survey

Founded by three grandchildren in 1947 situated in Atlanta, Georgia is famous for pizza.

The quality of the pizza was so good in the beginning phase that the company expanded in the streets and has a name around the population.


Tell Mellow Survey Prizes and Rewards

The main objective of this survey is to collect honest and unbiased feedback from the customers. And this is made possible by performing.

The survey where the application is applied for the regular customers is the way of knowing the present scenario of the company.

The company administers in their way but they also need to know about the questions like are the customers are convinced or did they enjoy the service of the firm.

And due to the fact, a little small survey is performed by the company followed by the participants sharing their opinions.

And for this matter, they have the opportunity to win prizes which are mentioned down below-

Redemption of $5 Off on your next visit at any Mellow Mushroom Food Stall. Discount voucher Coupon prizes


Tell Mellow Survey Terms and Conditions

To enter the Tell Mellow survey there are just a few terms and conditions one needs to keep in mind –

  • Basic knowledge of English.
  • You must have genuine citizenship in the USA.
  • 7days is the minimum period to complete the survey after you have received your receipt.
  • 5 surveys are accomplished in a month.
  • No third-party involvement is promoted and there is no way of changing your coupon in any other means according to your desired choices.
  • To enjoy the service and to partake in the conduct of the survey by the team members you must possess the invoice and the validation code properly.
  • You have enjoyed the pizza recently at the outlet and you retain the receipt to participate in that course you must be 18+ to contribute.

Tellmellow - Win a Surprise Gift - Mellow Survey

How to Take the Survey

It will just take you three to four minutes to complete the survey at and then you can have a chance to win one of the gifts from our above-mentioned prizes –

  • Visit the accepted website of the Mellow Mushroom Feedback survey at
  • Put the 16 digit code as it is in the survey form and undertake the survey program of the Mellow mushroom feedback.
  • Start responding to the questions as designed by the company and they have pre-planned a lot of motives behind the scenes of the survey. They highly recommend and appreciate the applicants, to be honest with their opinions.
  • You have the part of sharing your experience with the team and you are in place to rate your overall satisfaction with the organization. Rate accordingly.
  • Once you have completed replying to the questions you are done with your survey procedure. Complete the survey and will till the time you get your $5 coupon code and enjoy the benefits of the competition.



People who have heard and been to Mellow Mushroom restaurant must have learned about the survey they conduct for the customers.

You should’ve also been in a place where you had the intention of participating but you had a question.

Read More Article –

What is the advantage of being a part of the survey?

The survey is conducted for your responses and these replies are marked with records to make the essential changes on return, you will be acknowledged with a prize.

You do not want to miss out on the opportunity then for that you have to read the article step by step.



Mellow Survey FAQs

  • The website to take part in the survey.

Answer –

  • Age restriction.

Answer – 18+

  • How many surveys are conducted in a month?

Answer – 5 survey

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