– Get Free Pancakes! – Denny’s Listens Survey – Denny’s is currently operating in three different countries which gives them an opportunity to interact with customers from different cultural backgrounds and groups. - Get Free Pancakes! - Denny's Survey – Denny’s Listens to survey

This survey is a way to interact with those customers and receive their feedback.

The official site for entering Denny’s survey is through the following URL:

How to Take the Survey?

The Denny’s survey can be taken on their official online website by following the steps mentioned below –

  • Visit the official Denny’s website: to contribute to the online survey platform.
  • You can choose the language that you are comfortable with, the available options on the website are: French, English and Spanish.
  • You can check your receipt for a survey code that you have to further enter into the platform in order to proceed in the Denny’s survey.
  • After entering the survey code mentioned on your Denny’s website please click on next to proceed further.
  • As the survey has officially started you can now answer the questions mentioned on the website.
  • These questions are based on your customer experience with the Denny’s. Service, staff, product and other such parameters are mentioned on the portal which are important to address.
  • These questions give clarity to the business and help improve it further for better brand building and marketing.
  • By the end of the survey you can mention your personal details which are important submit your response and enter into the sweepstakes competition.
  • Finally to Submit your response for the Denny’s survey you can tap on the Submit button. - Get Free Pancakes! - Denny's Survey

Benefits and Rewards

  • The customers participating in the Denny’s survey will receive a free coupon code which they can use for future purchases.

Terms and Conditions for Entering the Survey

The terms and conditions for entering Denny’s survey as mentioned as follows –

  • The customers who are willing to participate in the Denny’s survey must be legally 18 or above to do so.
  • The receipt must be kept handy at the time of entering the survey because that will be required to enter before answering the questionnaire.
  • The survey coupon cannot be exchanged in terms of cash, customers are requested to not ask for an exchange.
  • The Denny’s survey is currently only open to the citizens of America.
  • The employees at Denny’s are not allowed to enter the survey.
  • The Denny’s survey is also available on call; you can take Denny’s survey by contacting the number- 1-800-733-6697

Requirements for Entering the Survey

  • The receipt is absolutely mandatory for entering into the online survey for Denny’s.
  • The participants are only allowed to take the survey in three languages- French, Spanish and English.
  • The survey requires you to provide your valid contact details and e-mail address.
  • The survey also requires proper internet connectivity and supportive gadgets.

About Denny’s Survey

Denny’s is currently one of the largest grossing dine-in ice cream restaurant chain based in Canada, United States and Mexico. This restaurant chain is a part of the International Denny’s corporation, which is currently operating over more 1700 outlets in America itself.

Fascinatingly Denny’s was earlier a coffee and donuts serving restaurant chain which went by the title- Danny’s, they.

later changed the route of their business and decided to dive into the soft-serve ice cream sector which gave birth to Denny’s.

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To conclude the survey we would like to re-inform the customers participating in the online survey that the receipt of their purchase from Denny’s is only valid for a period of 3 days hence; the survey shall be taken within the mentioned survey period.

Denny’s collects the data from the survey and the valid queries of their customers are addressed in the online portal itself. - Get Free Pancakes! - Denny's Survey FAQs

  • What are the prizes or rewards for entering Denny’s survey?

Answer – The customers will be awarded with a survey code which they can use at any of their nearest outlet of Denny’s.

  • How can I enter the online customer survey for Denny’s?

Answer – Customers can enter the online survey for Denny’s by entering into the survey portal:

  • What is the time limit for entering Denny’s survey?

Answer – Customers can enter Denny’s survey within 3 days of their last purchase.

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