www.Pollolisten.com – Win $2 Off – Pollo Tropical Survey

www.Pollolisten.com – Pollo Tropical is famous for its citrus marinated chicken and other popular recipes which make the customers come back for more every.

www.Pollolisten.com - Win $2 Off - Pollo Listens Survey

www.Pollolisten.com – Win $2 Off – Pollo Tropical Survey

Time they visit the outlet. This is why Pollo Tropical has decided to launch an online survey to receive direct feedback from the customers.

You only have to follow the URL: www.pollolistens.com to visit the official survey site for Pollo Tropical.

How to take the survey?

It is important to follow through the following procedures of the survey in order to complete the Pollo Tropical survey –

  • You have to type in the survey URL: www.pollolistens.com in any web browser of your choice to enter the Pollo Tropical survey.
  • You’ll find a page where you can enter the digits mentioned on your receipt. So, keep your receipt handy while entering the Pollo Tropical survey.
  • The Pollo Tropical survey offers you the convenience to take the survey in two different languages: Spanish and English, you can move forward with the language that you are comfortable with.
  • Next, you have to type in the 16-digit code mentioned on your Pollo Tropical receipt.
  • You’ll also find a passcode on your receipt; you just have to type in the passcode on the website.
  • In the following page, you have to enter your correct details so that the Pollo Tropical survey can reach out to you in case you are selected to win the sweepstakes prize.
  • Now, after entering your details you have entered the questionnaire part of the survey.
  • Pollo Tropical survey questionnaire is related to their service at different locations and outlets.
  • You have to answer these questions based on your general experience with Pollo Tropical. Do not falter to give your constructive feedback since this will only make the company grow.
  • Finally as you complete the Pollo Tropical questionnaire you can move forward in the survey and note down the survey code mentioned on the website. This will help you redeem your discount on your next visit to Pollo Tropical.

www.Pollolisten.com - Win $2 Off - Pollo Listens Survey

Benefits and Rewards

  • With the Pollo Tropical survey, the customers are awarded a coupon or survey code by the end of the survey which they can use to redeem on their next order.
  • Hence, by completing the Pollo Tropical survey you can get your hands on your favorite deals while enjoying it in a discounted offer.

Terms and Conditions for Entering the Survey

Pollo listens has mentioned the following terms and conditions for participating in the customer feedback survey –

  • Pollo listens allows you to enter the survey only if the receipt is not older than 2 days.
  • The customers can participate in the survey if they are older than 18 years of age.
  • This survey by Pollo listens is only open to the people of the United States; currently, this survey is not open to people participating from other nations.
  • The Pollo listens survey is only available in Spanish and English.
  • The receipt must contain a survey code that is needed to enter the survey.
  • If you are related to the staff or the members working at Pollo tropical then this survey is currently not open for you.


Requirements for Entering the Survey

Pollo Tropical has listed the following requirements for entering the survey –

  • A good network connection.
  • A receipt from Pollo Tropical should not be older than two days.
  • Basic understanding of the Spanish and English languages.
  • Proper devices and gadgets that support internet connectivity.


About Pollo Listens Survey

If you are a fan of Latin-Caribbean dishes ad cuisines then Pollo Tropical is just the place for you. Here you will find an assortment of dishes.

based on different cooking styles of chicken and the costal Caribbean cuisines. The company was founded back in the year 1988.

Read More –


This survey by Pollo Tropical helps the company gain insights into their customer’s demands and complaints.

www.Pollolisten.com - Win $2 Off - Pollo Listens Survey

Pollo Listens Survey FAQs

  • How can I participate in the Pollo Tropical survey?

Answer – Follow the link: www.pollolistens.com to participate in the Pollo Tropical survey.

  • What is the reward for entering the Pollo Tropical survey?

Answer – The customers are rewarded with a survey code for redeeming a discounted meal at Pollo Tropical.

  • In what languages is the Pollo Tropical survey available?

Answer – Spanish and English.

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