– Wawa Guest Survey ($500 Prize) The company is often known as “Wawa.” The Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey was developed by Wawa, and respondents who finish the questionnaire are eligible to win one of two gift card. Wawa is the name of the firm that makes up the brand. Wawa has devised a survey that it refers to as the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey. After completing the survey, participants will be given the option to receive a gift card voucher for either $500 or $25. Customers may participate in the Wawa customer satisfaction survey by going to the website and filling out a form there. - Wawa Guest Survey ($500 Prize) – Wawa Guest Survey ($500 Prize)

Prizes: either $500 or $25. To gauge consumer happiness with Wawa’s offerings, the firm has created an online survey accessible at

The company will utilize your comments to improve its products, service, and even the store’s ambiance. The survey may be completed in the comfort of one’s own home on the website.

If you participate in this survey, you will be able to provide valuable comments on your most recent experience at the store.

What works and what doesn’t for you is of great interest to the company. If a certain approach is successful, they will continue using it.

if it is not, they may begin tweaking it in order to better serve you in the future. Additionally, there will be a drawing for a Wawa gift card of either $25 or $500.

In order to participate in the wawa survey, participants must have the following requirements met: a valid Wawa receipt with a survey invitation attached.

Access to the internet via a computer or mobile device; a valid phone number or email address; and the ability to communicate in either English or Spanish. - Wawa Guest Survey ($500 Prize)

What Should You do to Complete the Wawa Survey?

To begin the survey, please have your receipt with the code handy. Second, visit the MyWawaisit or Customer Satisfaction Survey by selecting the aforementioned button.

The survey is only available in English at this time. To respond in Spanish, use the “Espanola” button. Using the receipt’s printed store number and survey code, go to the next page. The “START” button must be pressed.

Choose a time and day for your visit. Choose the “NEXT” option. This is where you may see the survey questions.

That have been asked of you in the past, such as your visit and order history. Be honest as you go along in this survey. The responses are arranged in a rating system.

You must include personal details such as name, address, phone number, email, and more. After completing the survey, you will be entered into a contest for the opportunity to win a gift card.

Gains and Prizes & Reward

The ultimate prize consists of a $500 gift card to Wawa and a gift basket including Wawa products worth around $75. The grand prize consists of a $75 Wawa gift card and a $25 Wawa gift basket. - Wawa Guest Survey ($500 Prize)

Rules & Regulations

  • In order to take part in the Wawa survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • It’s only open to those who live in the 50 states and DC of the USA.
  • No current or former Wawa employees, partners, supervisors, or members of their immediate families may participate in the poll.
  • To enter the sweepstakes, customers must submit a survey within the allotted time frame after completing a purchase.
  • There will be no monetary or other offer substitutions for your offer.

A Brief History of Wawa Survey

Wawa, a pioneering quick-service retailer, first opened its doors in 1803. The founder of the firm originally based it in.

New Jersey so that his or her clientele would have easy access to any and all resources. Grahame Wood transformed the iron foundry that is now Wawa into a supermarket.

You may find many Wawa convenience stores across the northern part of the United States. The Wawa chain of convenience stores employs about 22,000 people in the states of.

New Jersey, New York, Florida, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. The shop sells a wide selection of candies, groceries, and hot snacks including pretzels and hot dogs.


In the year 1803, Wawa, now recognized as one of the most prosperous quick-service restaurants in the world, opened its doors for the very first time.  The creator of the company made the decision to establish the company in New Jersey so that customers living in the state would have easy access to everything they need. Grahame Wood converted the Wawa building, which had been used for other purposes in the past, such as an iron foundry, into a grocery store.

There are many Wawa shops dispersed around the northern region of the country at a variety of locations on the cardinal directions of the compass. In the states of New Jersey, New York, Florida, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland, Wawa is the company that employs the most people in the private sector.  The number of workers at the firm exceeds 22,000. Candies, groceries, and a variety of hot snacks such as pretzels, hot dogs, and other goods of a similar kind are all available for purchase to consumers at this store, where they have a vast selection from which to pick. - Wawa Guest Survey ($500 Prize)


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  • Question – How can I get a refund from Wawa?

Answer – would gladly refund the purchase price of any unused item within 30 days of the dispatch date, less the cost of shipping. Keep in mind that perishables such as coffee, gift cards, and clearance coffee are final sale. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Question:- How can Wawa pay back the money that they owe me for their services?

Answer – After a period of thirty days from the date of shipment, will, after deducting the cost of transportation, issue full refunds for products that have been returned in brand-new condition together with their original packaging. This policy does not apply to items that have been damaged or altered in any way. Some examples of things that cannot be refunded or returned include coffee, gift cards, and coffee that was bought at a discount. Under no circumstances are cardholders permitted to swap their gift cards for cash.

  • Question:- In order to take part in the survey, what is the youngest age that participants must be?

Answer – Participants in the survey must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible for participation; hence, only those who satisfy the minimum age requirement are allowed to vote.

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