– Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey – Slim Chickens has made a survey available to their customers so that they may get their feedback and recommendations for service improvements. By offering fantastic rewards in their contests, Slim Chickens hopes to make your involvement more gratifying. - Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey – Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey

You may enter to win cash prizes by sharing your thoughts and feelings about Slim Chickens at their survey website, which can be found at If you would want the restaurants at Slim Chickens to know how their customers rate their service, food, and atmosphere, please fill out this survey with your honest opinions.

Telling Slim Chickens how you truly feel about their service is their only chance to learn from their mistakes and make future improvements. In other words, don’t be shy. The guest satisfaction survey for Slim Chickens is available at Get a feel for the level of satisfaction by listening to what consumers have to say about their most recent visit to Slim Chickens.

Rewards & Coupons

Enter to win a Slim Chickens Gift Card by filling out the TellSlimChickens.SMG Survey on the Slim Chickens Portal. You can get a discount code for Slim Chickens when you complete their guest survey. You may enter to win a $100 Slim Chickens gift card by using this promo code at a later date. - Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey

Rules and Regulations

Following these guidelines will ensure that you are able to participate in the Slim Chickens Customer Survey.

  • Anyone residing in the US or DC permanently is not eligible to take part.
  • A minimum age of eighteen is required to take part.
  • Possessing a working knowledge of the English language is a must.
  • An internet-connected device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, is required.
  • To finish the online survey, you must have your receipt on hand.
  • Each individual is only allowed to participate in the survey once.
  • Please refrain from voting if you are in any way related to Slim Chickens, whether as an agent, employee, or family member.
  • A confirmed email address is required to redeem the discount.

How to take part in Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey?

#1. Slim Chickens Listens! is the place to go if you want to know more about their customer satisfaction survey Go to or

#2. Search for the 17-digit survey code on the back side of your receipt, which is located at the bottom.

#3. Make sure you press the “START” button carefully. - Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey

#4. Some of the questions may be familiar to you from your experience with Slim Chickens.

#5. For each survey question, please indicate how satisfied you are on a scale from extremely happy to extremely sad.

#6. A lot of people have questioned Slim Chickens about everything from the menu to the prices to the delivery to the locations to the hours to the helpfulness of the staff to the cleanliness of the establishment to the quality of the service they received to the overall experience of their visit and purchase.

#7. In order to complete this personal information form, fill in your full name, mailing address, phone number, and email name.

#8. Slim Chickens is offering you a discount code good for a website sale in return for your time and honest review.


All throughout the United States, you may find Slim Chickens fast food restaurants. Fried chicken, especially wings and tenders, is the specialty of these restaurants. In 2003, the idea came from the firm’s founders, Tom Gordon and Greg Smart.

It all began in 2003 when a sushi restaurant was opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was an innovator when it first opened. Both facilities made their debuts in 2005; the second in Rogers. In 2008, the brand took a giant leap forward in its national expansion with the introduction of five more locations in Oklahoma and Arkansas. - Slim Chickens Satisfaction Survey


Through customer satisfaction surveys, Slim Chickens hopes to learn more about their audience, such as their demographics, buying habits, and suggestions for improvement. Guest satisfaction surveys, which are a part of SlimChickensListens, allow Slim Chickens to hear directly from its customers about their experiences. 

By giving out these surveys, Slim Chickens may get a feel for their customers’ level of happiness with several parts of their service, including the cuisine, the efficiency of the service, the atmosphere, and more. Discovering high-quality regions that need growth is a key component of this holistic approach, which might have a significant impact on the restaurant company. 

The owners of are always on the lookout for user comments as part of their dedication to improving the site and satisfying customers. FAQs

  • What gave rise to Slim Chickens?

Slim Chickens was founded in 2003 by Greg Smart and Tom Gordon of Fayetteville, Arkansas. They started with only one restaurant and have since expanded to over 60 locations across the United States. It has been recognized as one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the country.

  • On what items does Slim Chickens’ menu consist?

Slim Chickens specializes in perfectly fried chicken wings and tenders and offers a range of sauces for dipping. To accompany salads, sandwiches, and other main courses, you may have fried okra and green beans.

  • Why should I choose Slim Chickens above other restaurants?

The exceptional chicken tenders and wings are the speciality at Slim Chickens, setting it different from other restaurants. Fresh, never frozen, hand-breaded chicken seasoned with an undisclosed blend of spices. The finished chicken will have a crunchy outside and a juicy inside.

  • Would you want additional Slim Chicken drinks?

The front-of-house ordering kiosks also have a striking resemblance to the ones at McDonald’s, in an uncanny valley-style. Soft drink prices include the use of the main counter, where customers may place their orders and have them refilled.

  • Tell me where I can find Slim Chickens.

More than 60 locations of Slim Chickens may be found in the United States. Get the closest one by visiting the website and using the store locator feature.

  • What do Slim Chickens do with the oil?

Soybean oil that is devoid of trans fat is something they use religiously in the kitchen. Be mindful that food products may come into touch with one another in most shared kitchens and preparation spaces, particularly when using shared fryer oil.

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