www.Shopko.com/Crsurvey – Win $250 Gift Card – Shopko Survey

www.Shopko.com/Crsurvey – Shopko is a range of department stores that was founded back in the year1962 by James Ruben.

www.Shopko.com/Crsurvey - Win $250 Gift Card - Shopko Survey

www.Shopko.com/Crsurvey – Win a $250 Gift Card – Shopko Survey

The company is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and as of June 23, 2019, nearly all the locations of the Shopko department store have been shut down.

Currently, as per the data, there is only one Shopko store operating right now in the United States. The successor of the Shopko departmental.

The store is Shopko Optical which is operating at quite a smaller scale than earlier. This customer survey is being conducted to gather knowledge.

The experience of the customers with Shopko Optical and the Shopko departmental store. Essentially the survey is conducted by a group of teams where they provoke people to take part in the survey and win prizes.

The company initially believes in honest and true reviews for the modifications and this is what is needed to match the recent choices of the consumer. The firm conducts a survey every time to evaluate and understand the most experienced.



The customers and partners and to make the required improvements to make it a more friendly environment for the buyers. But before you start the process where you can avail yourself of a place to win prizes on behalf of the company and enjoy.

Shopko Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules and Requirements

The company conducts and supervises a survey where the buyers have the role of sharing their reviews about the service and what changes they need to see in their next visit. But before that, you have to accomplish a few desired rules and requirements as guided by the company –

  • You are desired to take part in the survey and you are thrilled by the prizes that you will receive by the end of the survey for that matter you must have necessarily purchased something from the store.
  • Legal and valid inhabitants of the United States of America are eligible to contribute to the survey.
  • 18/years and above is the required age group to participate in the survey.
  • You must have received an invitation code on your visit which can be used only once by the applicant to participate.
  • You cannot ask for an alternative for the prize money that you have received.
  • You will be informed about the result after the result is declared.
  • The working members of the group correlated with the company are not applicable to take part in the survey.
  • The receipt is a must-go-to participate in the survey.
  • English and Spanish are the choices for the languages. Select your preferred option.
  • A computer, or laptop with strong network access must be available for the completion of the survey.

www.Shopko.com/Crsurvey - Win $250 Gift Card - Shopko Survey

How to Take Shopko Guest Satisfaction Survey?

  • Visit the site- Shopko.com/survey to enter the survey.
  • You will see the receipt number and the store number given on the ticket. Enter the same.
  • Tick on the Next button and continue with the stages.
  • You will find a set of questions about the company’s growth and development relying on recent experiences. You have the rule to answer the questions honestly.
  • Complete the survey by your visit and lastly enter the details which include name, address, etc.
  • Click on the submit button and get a chance to earn the prize on behalf of the company.

Shopko Guest Satisfaction Survey Prizes and Rewards

You can get a chance to claim the sweepstakes prize which is a $250 Shopko Gift Card.

About Shopko Survey

Shopko was a departmental store chain that was launched back in 1962. As of the current scenario since June 2019 the departmental store chain had hit a bump into bankruptcy.

Currently, there is only one departmental store operating for Shopko and Shopko Optical is running as a successor business for its parent company.

www.Shopko.com/Crsurvey - Win $250 Gift Card - Shopko Survey


The company believes and is based on the customer experience. By the way, you will have to find the proper path, to begin with, the survey and for that, you are requested to read.

In the above-given article and you will find a bunch of questions that when answered by the applicants will give them a solution to make the required changes.

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Shopko Survey FAQs

  • Why is the Shopko customer satisfaction survey conducted?

Answer – To collect information about the recent work scenario.

  • Website to participate in the survey.

Answer – www.Shopko.com/survey

  • Age boundary to participate in the survey.

Answer – 18/years.

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